Monday, September 29, 2008

More history and the inside story . . .

AMC held the sobriquet The Last Independent until it was swallowed by Chrysler. As an independent, small company doing battle with the Big Three it was amazing how often they pulled a golden rabbit out of an empty hat. AMC offered excellent quality at its price point and, looking at the catalogs, they offered an astounding selection of models, optional equipment and accessories. For the 1964 Rambler American, AMC offered 10 models in 5 body styles. There were 3 engines and 6 transmissions, 14 colors (11 new), and 42 two-tone color choices. For the interior: 220 models had one choice, 330s had 6 color choices, and the 440s had 8. All were available on 6 seating choices, in multiple vinyl and cloth options. Of course, air conditioning and power brakes and power steering were available. And, for a little added pizzazz, 4 colors were offered for the convertible top (black, white, gold, and turquoise). Once the big choices were made, you could go into a complete list of extras. Electric wipers, windshield washers, radio (2 choices), light groups, parking brake warning light, remote mirrors, etc, etc, etc. AMC also had the same extensive offerings on its other models. Is it any wonder that the wolf was always at the door?

This is the 440 interior in two color (burgundy/silver) standard vinyl. Breathable vinyl was an option.

No old car would be complete without a mystery. For 1964, there were 12 semi-gloss and 7 suede colors. My dash, and many others I've seen, is none of the above. It needs a refinish, but I've yet to track down the color. If anyone out there wants to help, please leave a comment.

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